The deliverables of RITIFI consist of a number of reports, divided into each of the work packages, which will ensure that the relevant commitments of the project have officially been made. The reports for the deliverables will be publicly accessible from this page, as the project progresses.

Work Package 1

Strategic analysis of the TI landscape in selected areas drawing
from RIs’ best practices
D1.1 – Validated RIs-TIs Classification Report

D1.2 – Final Case Studies of relevant RIs and TIs

D1.3 – Inventory of policy initiatives supporting RIs and TIs

D1.4 – Mapping of TIs in selected areas connected to RIs’ mapping

D1.5 – Validated report on the needs for TIs in the selected areas

Work Package 2

Strategic analysis of the current integration of the RI-TI landscape in
selected areas.

D2.1 – Case studies on RI-TI integration and collaborative service delivery models

D2.2 – Report on industrial value propositions for RI-TI integrated services in selected areas

D2.3 – Validated guidelines for the integration of RI-TI services in selected areas

Work Package 3

Recommendations for governance, sustainability and investment planning

D3.1 – Final report on validated governance model options for TIs at European level

D3.2 – Final recommendation on long term sustainability of TIs and RI-TI integrated services to end users including access conditions and RI-TI networks

D3.3 – Final recommendation for evidence- based investment planning for TIs

Work Package 4

Communication, outreach, networking and dissemination

D4.1 – Project communication and exploitation plan and tools

D4.2 – Report and perspectives on the RI/TI industry officer network

D4.3 – Collated event reports for stakeholder community outreach

D4.4 – White paper on project recommendations and findings

D4.5 – Report on the final meeting for results exploitation

Work Package 5


D5.1 – Data Management Plan

D5.2 – Appointment of an independent Ethics Advisor

D5.3 – Mid-term report of the Ethics Advisor

D5.4 – Final report of the Ethics Advisor

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