WP5 – Management

WP5 – Management

WP5 will ensure the sound implementation of the project, and as such contribute to all the project objectives. It will:

  • Manage the overall project with respect to administrative, financial and technical issues and ensure the achievement of all milestones and the completion of all deliverables within the time frame and the foreseen budget monitor and report the status of the project and take corrective actions if necessary
  • The RITIFI partners will regularly conduct project meetings and online conferences to discuss about the current status of the project progress and commit themselves to carry out the reporting tasks. Coordinator CEA acts as central contact towards the EC. The project management is split in four parts.
Task #Sub TaskPartners Involved
Task 5.1Contract managementCEA
Task 5.2Financial managementCEA
Task 5.3Project management, controlling and project progress meetingsCEA, DTI, VTT, ESRF
Task 5.4Reporting and communicationCEA
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