WP4 – Communication, outreach, networking and dissemination

WP4 – Communication, outreach, networking and dissemination

This work package aims to:

  • Foster RI-TI engagement, including by creating and exploiting a sustainable network of RI and TI industrial contact officers responsible for relations with industry and technology transfer, open beyond project partners, to foster the exchange of expertise
  • Engage with key stakeholders (public and industrial) with vested interest in RI and TI-related policy to collect their input and validate results, including via the set-up of an external Advisory Board as well as strategic project communication tools: workshops, events, communication platform, social media, etc.
  • Assure project dissemination and exploitation via promotion of findings and recommendations throughout the project (phase 1: WP1-WP2 results, phase 2: WP3 results), including the compilation of project findings’ into a White Paper to be widely disseminated including during the final high-level conference
Task #Sub TaskPartners Involved
Task 4.1RI and TI industry officer networkESRF, CEA
Task 4.2Stakeholder community engagementINESC
Subtask 4.2.1External Advisory BoardFZJ
Subtask 4.2.2Outreach to stakeholder communityINESC, CEA,
Task 4.3Dissemination and exploitation of results ESS
Subtask 4.3.1Project communicationESS, CEA
Subtask 4.3.2Results dissemination and exploitationDTI, TGB
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