RITIFI Project Insights Presented in Brussels

On February 27, consortium members of the RITIFI project convened in Brussels to participate in an insightful workshop aimed at fostering collaboration between industry and Technology Infrastructures (TIs).

RITIFI group photo in an event related to discussing the challenges of SMEs in accessing the Technology infrastructures.
RITIFI consortium in “Access Conditions to Technology Infrastructures” workshop with Dominik Sobczak, Deputy Head of Unit at European Commission

The “Access Conditions to Technology Infrastructures” workshop organised by the European Commission and Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2024 hosted participants from across Europe. While numerous studies and insights stemming from the project were discussed during the workshop, RITIFI project studies were presented by the representative from CEA, Bertrand Bouchet.

Standing out from the other studies, RITIFI goes beyond the focus on Technology Infrastructures and industrial users. Bouchet remarked, “It is not only about TIs and industrial users, it is also about collaboration between Research Infrastructures and Technology Infrastructures and their relation all together with industry.”

The workshop facilitated discussions on the challenges of TI accessibility, sharing best practices, and identifying support mechanisms for SMEs and startups. Targeting TI managers, users, and stakeholders, the event laid the groundwork for standardised principles to enhance access conditions for TIs.

RITIFI stands for “Research Infrastructures and Technology Infrastructures Integration.” The consortium comprising RIs and TIs across 19 European countries, the project aims to enhance the integration and structure of the European research and innovation (R&I) landscape by developing frameworks, improving access conditions, implementing governance models, analysing policy landscapes, proposing action plans, prioritising investments and fostering inclusive engagement within the R&I ecosystem.

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